Missions Accomplished

Your publications reflect how seriously you take your role as a mission-driven organization.

 Content Development

We develop your content with professional editing and design, using state-of-the-art publishing technology.

Production Services

We handle the technicalities of typesetting, e-book production, and content workflow so that you can stay focused on your mission.

Distribution and Printing

With our full-service print and distribution services, your message sits atop a platform making it accessible to all.

Mission-Driven Publishers

As a mission-driven organization—whether you are a church, seminary, college, university, or professional association—you are already a publisher. Universal access to your publications is prerequisite to the sustainability and growth of your mission. Develop your publications with a system that increases your delivery options and flexibility. Your materials should reach and expand your audience, be available in print and electronic technologies, and position your organization for success.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to help you create relevant publications and support materials for your community. We aim to give you the best tools and methods to develop your content and—just as important—provide you with a platform to disseminate it widely and purposefully.

Whether you publish in print, electronic, or both, our program enables you to utilize our innovative editorial, production, workflow, and distribution platform.

  • Our highly trained editorial staff help focus your manuscripts so they speak to your readers more effectively.

  • We structure, design, and produce output in the formats that best meet your audience’s needs.

  • By offering direct delivery of content in addition to access to worldwide outlets (e.g., Amazon), you can better reach, connect with, and expand your constituency.

Reach, Cultivate, and Engage. 

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